What Makes A Good Nights Sleep?

11 June 2019

What Makes A Good Nights Sleep?

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for your mental and physical health and directly impacts your waking life. The recommended amount of sleep per day is between seven and nine hours and not getting the right amount of sleep everyday can have major effects on your everyday life. Lack of sleep effects many things including productivity, emotional balance, brain and heart health, immune system, creativity, vitality and weight.

Whilst you sleep your body and brain do quite a bit of work in overseeing biological maintenance that is necessary for keeping your body running in top condition. When we don’t get enough sleep we wake up feeling groggy and unable to concentrate on daily activities, it also effects how we process what we’ve learned through the day and makes it harder to remember it in the future. Deep sleep is important for transferring short-term memories into long-term storage, but it is also the time of peak growth hormone release into the body, this is important for cell repair and reproduction.

Natural remedies for better sleep.

Herbal teas have been used for centuries and are still used widely today by people looking for a natural solutions to their everyday problems. Herbal tea is the first thing we reach for when we are struggling to sleep, specifically our soothing tea blend. The soothing blend contains hemp flowers, leaves and seeds which although no studies have been taken to prove it’s effects on sleep, many people have reported that hemp tea before bed has helped them to feel more relaxed, calm and promoted a good nights sleep, we certainly agree! Lavender, chamomile and Valerian root have all also been used by our ancestors to help promote a good nights sleep.

Drinking hemp protein before bed has also been known to have benefits on your sleep pattern, this is because of it’s high level of magnesium. Low levels of magnesium can throw many of the bodies main functions off course and raise the risk of health problems, so maintaining the right amount of magnesium in your diet is important for overall heath. Magnesium is one of the 24 essential vitamins and minerals and plays a widespread and very important role in the body. Healthy levels of magnesium stabilise mood, contribute to heart and bone health, protect the body’s metabolic rate, keep stress levels in check and promotes better sleep.  A common symptom of low magnesium is insomnia, people with low magnesium levels often wake frequently during the night and experience a more restless sleep. Maintaining healthy magnesium levels often helps to promote a deeper more sound sleep. Our hemp hot chocolate blends contain cocoa another food high in magnesium and paired with a subtle hint of the warming spice cinnamon it’s easy to drift off after a comforting mug of hot chocolate.

Turmeric is another well-known spice that supplies many health benefits. One of the main benefits of turmeric is it’s anti-inflammatory properties, this can help reduce brain inflammation which effects stress levels and overall mood. Turmeric helps the body relax and we blend it with other ingredients such as cocoa to give you a great flavour that could help you get a peaceful nights sleep.