Happiness Loose Leaf Tea

Refreshingly fruity & floral blended to bring you joy!

Delicious combination of refreshing fruits & heavenly floral flavours, this natural pick me up will put a smile on your face & a spring in your step!  Unbeatable blend for banishing the blues.

This joy-bringing, cheerful blend of hemp, floral and fruity mood-lifting botanicals are infused to lift and exhilarate. nourishing and packed full of antioxidants, an unbeatable blend for banishing the blues!

Our hand blended loose-leaf teas are perfect to use in a tea infuser, cafetière or traditional tea pot with strainer.

  • Steep1-2 teaspoons in boiling water for 3-5 mins. Add your choice of milk or honey if desired. Can also be enjoyed cold or as an iced tea 

    For more ideas on how to enjoy our blends have a look at our recipe page   

    Hempress unique loose leaf hemp botanical tea range are fused in to delicious, wholesome blends designed to nourish from the inside out

  • Hemp leaf, Hemp flower, Hemp seeds, apple pieces, rosehip, rose petals, hibiscus, raspberries, lime peel, orange blossom 

    Warning: Packed in an area that contains nuts