Matcha Ginger

Matcha Ginger

Add a bit of spice to your tea break with our specially blended Matcha Ginger!  

  • Blended Matcha green tea with ginger gives you all the health benefits of Matcha plus the spicy goodness of ginger!  Perfect morning cuppa to get you going!  With nothing artificial added we're proud to produce the finest natural teas.
  • Matcha, Maca, Ginger

  • Add a teaspoon of matcha to your cup, mix with 50ml of cold water, top up with just off the boil water for a delicious hot brew.    Please note:  We only use natural ingredients in our teas because of this when you first make your brew there may be ginger pieces that float, if this happens leave to settle for a minute until the ginger sicks to the bottom of your cup with the Matcha powder.

Mix up your matcha as a hot cup with honey or iced and milky, shot it, bake with it, put it in your yoghurt or smoothie! 

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